Bookstagram Wrap-Up

Bookstagram Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey everyone,

I decided that once a week I’m going to post a bookstagram wrap-up on my blog! As you may know, this month I am hosting the #h2g2challenge on bookstagram and everyone is more than welcome to check it out and participate in it! 

Saturday May 6th was Restaurant At The End of the Universe or book and food!


Sunday May 7th was Life, The Universe and Everything or favourite series!


Monday May 8th was Don’t Panic! or Suspenseful books! 


Tuesday May 9th was Heart of Gold or character who has a good heart!


Wednesday May 10th was Zaphoid or character with a unique name!


Thursday May 11th was Rest in Peace or Author who has passed away!


Friday May 12th was Paranoid Android or Book that made you sad!



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